A trip to the merchants’ town Elabuga

On the southwestern outskirts of the modern city is located Elabuzhskoe (Chertovo) fortified settlement – a fortified medieval settlement of the Bulgars. Here in 1552, after the capture of Kazan, the Trinity Monastery was founded, which gave the foundation to the city. In the 17th century the monastery was renamed into Trehsvyatsky, and in 1613 it was lowered from the Elabuga mountain to the bank of the Tanaika river, then in 1707 the village and monastery were surrounded by an earthen rampart, that is, turned into a city. In 1780, by the decree of Catherine II, the village of Trekhsvyatskoe became a district town and received a new name – Yelabuga. Stunning panoramas of the city inspired the great creations of famous people of their time, among them the famous landscape painter I.I. Shishkin, the poet M. Tsvetaeva, the famous doctor V.M. Bekhterev and many others. The program includes lunch in the city cafe.

Duration – 12 hours

Schedule: every Saturday at 08:00

Cost: 1980 rubles. (adult)

Cost: 1880 rubles. (Children from 7 to 12 years old)

The collection point for the excursion program “Clock on Bauman” (metro station Tukaya Square). It is necessary to pre-record by phone. 8 843 294 7000

English-speaking guide is paid separately.

Excursion route:

Devil’s fortress
Shishkinsky Ponds
Pokrovskaya Church
Tsvetaeva’s memorial
The monument of D.I. Staheev
Millennium Square Yelabuga
Spassky Cathedral of the XIX century
Alexander Garden
Monument to cavalry-maid Durova N.A.

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