The ‘Press house’ landmark

The Nogai hotel complex is situated in the ’Press house’ historical building. It was built in 1937 by Semyon Pen in the constructivism style.

The constructivism proposing the simplicity, democracy and utilitarianism of material world to be the new esthetic ideals at the beginning if the XX century played an important role in forming the modern-day architecture. The famous Russian architects such as Alexander Rodchenko and Vladimir Tatlin considered themselves constructivists.

The architect constructed the building in a shape of a huge open book. The simple straight lines adjoin the slow curves while the huge face of the building is being lightened by the panoramic rows of windows.

The building was supposed to accommodate all the existing Kazan publishing companies and had a state-of-art printing house. For many years its first floor hosted Kazan’s largest book shop.

The building has seen many famous writers, the meetings of the poet Ğabdulla Tuqay club. During the Second World War it held the meetings of USSR Writers Union that was evacuated to Kazan. Aleksey Tolstoy, Victor Ardov, Valentin Kataev, Pavel Finn, Lev Oshanin, Samuil Marshak, Alexander Fadeyev worked in this building.

In time the building fell into despair and with the new technologies coming it lost its original purpose.

Nowadays it’s become an object of cultural heritage. While building the hotel complex the building was carefully restored; the old historical elements were used in the interior design. And hence the interior decorations has not only an original style but also an unforgettable atmosphere.

The meaning of the name ‘Nogai’

The name comes from the medieval history of the area that is full of beautiful legends. During the time of the Kazan Khanate local people used to trade with the powerful steppe empire the Nogai Horde. The Nogais were both skillful stock farmers and steppe warriors. A lot of parts of Russian and Tatar horsemen munitions were borrowed from them; such as special lassos, stirrups and whip that is now called nogaika.

Our parking area has its own original name ‘Barabus’. A while before Nogai the place belonged to a winter cab-stand. The cabmen driving the sleds used to say ‘Barabus’ (which means ‘let’s go’ in Tatar) to their clients. Since then the word has become a synonym of that (at the time) fast and cheap transport.


The Nogai hotel complex has a well-developed infrastructure; we offer our clients a full range of services that will make them feel at home. The complex is located perfectly in the very center of the city’s historical centre on the main pedestrian Bauman street; the Kazan Kremlin and other famous city’s landmarks are within a walking distance. The hotel is also close to the main public transport lines.

Our awards

We do not stand still and move forward, trying to provide the best level of services for our guests. Our status in this matter is confirmed by awards, which we were awarded.

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