We don’t only provide the hotel hosting services. Our hotel complex also supports various social charity programs and takes part in various charity events.

Our programs

Annual meeting of Tatar book publishing house veterans as a part of International Day for the Elderly celebration

On the International Day for the Elderly the hotel complex Nogai together with state unitary enterprise of Tatarstan Republic ‘Tatar book publishing house’ organizes a meeting of Tatar book printing veterans. During many years they used to work at the publishing house, so for veterans it’s an opportunity to remember their youth and spend some time among the old friends.

Charity for children

Even though we’ve started working in this field just recently we have already taken part in several charity events. Together with our guests we help the foster homes in this holiday time as a part of celebrating the Children Day and a Week of Goodness.

The “Green key” program

n October 2017 we became the first and currently only hotel in Kazan that got certified in the ‘Green Key’ program. The international program of voluntary hotel certification ‘Green Key’ is one of five Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) programs created for the hotel industry to be ecology friendly. This reward shows our care towards and awareness of the environment.

Ecology management system

Environmentally friendly management is part of the NOGAI hotel corporate program. We welcome the concepts of ecology, environmental protection and considerate attitude to resources in the NOGAI hotel; therefore, we have developed and implemented an environmental management system into the business practice of the Hotel complex.

We use:

  • environmentally friendly detergents for washing and cleaning rooms,
  • refillable cosmetics’ dispensers in the rooms,
  • water purifiers instead of bottled water,
  • online services order instead of paper brochures distribution,
  • energy efficient lamps,
  • intellectual control systems of lighting and water flow in rooms by regulator valves on taps and in showers.

All waste is carefully sorted and properly disposed of, for example, paper and batteries are handed over to waste paper collection and special recycling points. Bed linen and towels as well are changed only at the request of a guest, and some wastes and materials like newspapers are donated to charitable organizations, such as animal shelters.

Eco-managers also work at the NOGAI hotel, actively promoting the Hotel’s position regarding environmental management, they introduce new environmental and socio-cultural concepts into the Hotel’s activity.

Earth hour

We take part in the annual “Earth hour” event. This event is a symbol of care towards the environment. Its purpose is to make the society aware of environmental issues.

Nowadays Earth Hour is a largest ecology-dedicated event with more than 2 billion people from more than 175 countries and almost 7000 cities taking part in it. We’ve decided to join this event in 2016 and since than every year on the last Saturday of March the light goes out in our hotel complex. This way we encourage our staff and guests to be considerate towards the environment.

Welcome gifts

We all love surprises. If you visit us during the holiday period you can be sure you won’t leave without a holiday gift. Advertising gifts, toys, hand-made gifts, entertainers wearing traditional costumes, and various sweet treats; that’s what we are happy to give to our guests.

Quality guaranteed

If you have any considerations or comments during your visit please contact us on +7 (843)294-70-00 and we’ll definitely solve the issue.

Cultural heritage

The building of the hotel complex Nogai is one of Kazan’s landmarks. That is a cultural heritage site of Tatarstan republic. It has been decided to recreate the building in the way it was 80 years ago, since several generations of the citizens of Kazan remember it with warmth and affection, and to open a 3 star hotel inside it. The details of building’s front, its space and layout design, grand staircases, and window frame structures, everything was carefully preserved and renewed during the reconstruction.

During your visit you will not only get a comfortable stay but will also learn a lot about the history of this unique building since each floor has a display dedicated to the history if its name, the Tatar book publishing house, history of book publishing, famous Tatar poets and writers. You can also introduce yourself to Tatar literature inside your room since all of them have the pieces of Russian and Tatar literature.

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