When history joins the modern comfortIN THE HEART OF OLD KAZAN


The Nogai hotel complex is situated in one of the city’s carefully preserved historic landmarks. At the same time all 167 rooms have everything required for the modern comfort on your journey.

The hotel complex Nogay has a well-developed infrastructure; we offer our clients a full range of services that will make them feel at home. The hotel offers restaurants and a private parking, spa and a fitness centre, a playground for the children.

TThe complex is situated in the historic centre of Kazan, really close to Kazan Kremlin, famous ‘falling’ Sujumbike tower, architectural tourist attractions, little parks and cozy streets of the old city. Nearby you can see the bank of Kazanka river which offers a marvelous view of the whole city. When you step out of the doors you get straight to the lovely central pedestrian street of Kazan, its little shops, cafes, theatres, and street artists.

The hotel is also close to the main public transport lines as well as the main roads.

Whatever reason has brought you to Kazan,

The hotel infrastructure, a wide range of the services offered, and the friendly personal will make your trip easy and comfortable.

Our regularly changed special offers and packages allow our clients to add to the standard set of services according to the guest’s specific preferences.

Nogai hotel is great for the young and elderly, business or leisure, short or long and indulgent stay.

Choose a suitable room


Prices at the hotel complex Nogai change depending on the length of your stay and the time of your booking, hotel’s occupancy and other circumstances. Check prices at the booking webpage: choose the days of your visit and click ‘search’; you might hit some of our special offers. There you will also see if there are rooms available for the dates chosen.

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