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We care of the priceless sleep time.

We have a special offer for those who value the comfort of their sleep, which should provide them with energy and a perfect mood for the following day.

You have a lot to choose from:

  • Verossa – made of the camel hair it discharges the static electricity and improves the microcirculation of blood.
  • Sheep wool – is perfect for those who have arthrosis, rheumatism or other neck or back issues.
  • Bamboo is soft and light; creates a perfect ventilation and microclimate.
  • Swan’s down – the pillows are soft but firm.
  • Grunting ox wool – reduces the back and joints pain; hypoallergic and durable.
  • Corn wool has good heat isolation and hygroscopic properties.
  • Flax fiber has antibacterial properties and doesn’t produce static electricity charges.
  • Buckwheat husks gives a healthy therapeutic massage effect.
  • Arctic pillow is made of hypoallergic ecofiber that doesn’t absorb dust and moisture, keeps the shape for a long time.
  • Organic Dream pillow has the scent of herbs (Melissa, marjoram, hop cone) that helps with insomnia. This relaxing aroma will help you get a good night sleep.

The package conditions

  • The price is added up to a room cost
  • You can enjoy a cup of fragrant tea or coffee during the check out at reception
  • You can have a memento photo with #hotelnogai hashtag
  • The packed cost is 150 rub per day per room

Other special offers

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